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  Japanese Marudai and Bobbins

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Each Marudai is lovingly made (to order only) and likely to become a future heirloom. The 25cm diameter top is hand turned from sycamore or maple and very finely sanded to a smooth surface. No wax or varnish is applied since the action of the threads will produce a lovely patina in time. The square base and hand turned legs are made of hardwood and finished with a low gloss varnish for protection. The height from the base to the top is 42 cm (16.5 inches).

The bobbins are individually made from tropical hardwoods to the weight required. Usual weights are 37gm or 70gm or 100gm. A minimum order of eight bobbins.

See the 'Specials' page for a marudai top that I made for a customer who wished to braid with wire.

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  Hand held 'Marudai'

A thin yet rigid square of oak measuring 13cm x 13cm with 6 slots per side, plus 8 tiny hardwood bobbins and a 1/2 oz weight. Ideal for use on planes or in waiting rooms.
Extra bobbins may be purchased separately.