Michael Williams - Weaving Equipment

  Tapestry Frame

A strong and rigid frame, best held in my frame supports. Made from hardwood.
Internal dimensions (ie the space within the frame): 16" x 10"

  Small Tapestry Frame
  This rigid hardwood frame is very strong and designed to be hand-held. All the corners are rounded and all edges comfortable in the hand.
Internal dimensions (i.e. the space within the frame): 11inches x 7 inches (28 x 18 cm)
  Tapestry frame supports (a pair)
click here for a larger image Pivoted brackets to hold a tapestry frame at a comfortable working angle. Made to my own design, they provide a very secure grip on the frame. Can be clamped to a horizontal or vertical surface. Supplied with or without G clamps. One of my best sellers!
  Tapestry bobbins

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Hand crafted from close-grained hardwood and sanded to a smooth surface, but without any top finish. A natural patina develops with use. 16.5 cm long
Also Small Tapestry bobbins, 12.5 cm long
and Minature Tapestry bobbins; 10 cm long

  Pick Up/Shed Stick
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Designed by a tapestry weaver. It is 13 mm high with an 8mm broad base and a 4 mm top. This makes it very stable when used as a shed stick. It is long with both end tapered for pick up.It is made of maple, well finished and very smooth. I make three lengths as standard: 15cm (6 inches) or 20.5 cm (9 inches) or 30cm (12 inches)

  Aubusson Bone Bobbins
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These are tapestry bobbins without the end point. Why 'Bone'? Because they are shaped like a dog bone - they are still made of hardwood. I make two sizes:
small: overall length 87 mm, width 11 mm (thread area 65 mm long, 5 mm diameter)
medium: overall length 114 mm, width 17 mm (thread area 81 mm long, 8 mm diameter)

The medium size has an axial hole running from end to end. This enables it to be used on a bobbin winder (see photo here).

click here for a larger image Warping posts
Strong hardwood posts, 15cm high. Single or double or triple posts (or any number you like!)
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Boat shuttle bobbins
I make these from hardwood to fit your shuttle. They have a raised shoulder at each end to make the yarn more manageable. I would need one to copy or to see your shuttle to make certain the bobbin fits.

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Spool Rack
Made of maple, 36" high, 24" wide with dovetail joints and a 4" deep shelf on top to which a ball winder or swift can be clamped.. Strong, stable and beautiful. It incorporates six horizontal rods to hold spools and a thread guide.
NB. Swift and ball winder are not included.

Tape Loom
click here for a larger image Crescent Shaped Inkle Loom
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The body is made of maple (42cm tall) and the base is 50cm x 21 cm making a very stable loom. There are 11 fixed pegs, 15.3cm long. The sliding peg tensioner is very easy to lock with a ratchet lever handle.
There is an extra pair of upright pegs on the base, behind the crescent body, which are set at the correct distance apart for tying leashes of the correct length. Leashes can also be stored on these two pegs.
Maximum weaving width is 14cm and longest warp is 216cm (85 inches).

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Sword Beater
Made from maple, 27cm long in total. The blade is 14 cm long. No sharp edges, therefore comfortable to use.

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Standard Beater and Long Beater
Made of hardwood Both ends are rounded, with tapered long edges.

The standard beater is 19cm x 4 cm x 5mm thick.
The long beater is 50cm x 6cm x 7mm thick .

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Small Shuttle
Made of hardwood (15.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 4mm thick). Both ends tapered to move easily through the shed. No sharp corners.

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Combined Shuttle/Beater
Made of hardwood (16.5 cm x 4 cm x 5 mm thick).Well finished and very smooth. This shuttle is very popular.

  Rigid Heddle for Patterned Band Weaving
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This heddle has been designed by Susan Foulkes. It enables the pattern threads to be selected more easily than a conventional rigid heddle, by utilising long slots, shorter slots and holes. It can be used to weave bands with 13 or 15 patterns. Included is a leaflet, written by Susan, which explains the use of the heddle and shows examples of patterns that can be woven.

  Small Rigid Heddle
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A simple rigid heddle for weaving narrow bands with a backstrap. It is 6" long and 5.5" deep, with 23 slats, allowing a maximum of 45 warp ends. It is made of maple and is light but strong.

  Band Lock
A device to connect the band being woven to the back strap. It allows adjustment as weaving progresses. See it in use in this image.
  Band Weaving Shuttle
click here for picture of the shuttle in use

This shuttle is based on a design for netting shuttles. Made of maple, it has a tapered edge for beating and a shaped end for picking up pattern threads. It is ideal for Baltic style pick-ups and, of course, can be used for all band weaving and tablet weaving. I make three sizes: the small shuttle is 20cm long and 3 cm wide: the large shuttle is approximately 25cm long and 3.5cm wide; the greater length makes it easier to weave wider bands.
I have just introduced a mini band weaving or netting shuttle, 13 cm by 2cm, also made of maple.

  Tablet Weaving Tension Bar
click here for a larger image These bars may be clamped to a table and spaced apart at a distance to suit your warp. They are made from maple hardwood and incorporate a dovetail joint for strength. The bar has a hand turned peg at each end to keep it securely in place. The distance between the two uprights is 150mm and the height of the bar above the table is 85mm. The tension bars are sold in pairs.
Set of WoodenTablets
click here for a larger image Twelve hardwood tablets, 50mm square, 1.8 mm thick, with four holes, one in each corner. For tablet/card weaving.