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Michael Williams - Other Textile Items

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Skein Winder
This is a 4 paddle winder, producing a skein 2 Metres in circumference. It is made of maple throughout. Click on the image to the left for more details and images.

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Naalbinding Needles
Measuring 110mm x 10mm x 4.5mm with a long rectangular eye. Eye measures 14mm x 4 mm. Very smooth with no sharp edges.

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Beading Frame
The wooden frame measures approximately 69 cm x 30 cm. It has strongly jointed corners and 5 small hand-turned pegs at each end to attach the warps. The warp threads are spaced by trapping them in an unstretched coil spring at each end. The frame is well finished and easily portable.

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Shawl Pin
Wooden pin for fastening a shawl or wrap. The 'pin' is 13 cm long and 5mm in diameter, tapering to a point. It has a wooden 'washer' to keep it in place in the shawl. The knobs illustrated are thistle shaped and oval, but I am happy to work to your own design. Made from various combinations of hardwood.

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Adjustable frames often come with wing-nuts. This little wooden tool helps you get extra purchase on the nut without hurting your hand.
             75 mm long

Inch Worms
Small, shaped wooden rectangle used to make calculating a 'wrap' easier.
This is a multiple measure consisting of an inch, a centimetre and two centimetres (centiworm)

Double-pointed knitting needles
  Hand turned, perfectly straight double-ended knitting needles made of hardwood. I can make any length or diameter.

Giant knitting needles
Hand turned, maple knitting needles, perfectly straight. The shoulders have two flat sides to prevent them rolling away. I can make any length, up to 80cm, and any diameter.
Stock size is 56 cm long, 33mm diameter.

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Turned from hardwood and shaped to fit your hand. very well finished. With 4, 6 or 8 pegs.
click here for a larger image Tunisian Crochet Hook
350mm x 15mm with a raised shoulder at one end and a hand-carved hook on the other. Made of maple.
  Double-ended Tunisian Crochet Hooks

These are 41 cm long, with a hand-carved hook at each end The shaft is turned on a lathe and, being of maple, is far straighter and much stronger than those made from commercial dowel rod. Any diameter, from 6mm upwards.
I can make any length on request.


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Prodder (or Progger)
A simple tool for rug making. Fits comfortably into the palm of the hand. Made of hard, dense wood.

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Short Prodder (or Progger)
This short prodder has a blunt point so that the work is not stabbed. It is made of hard wood and the handle is a lovely fit for the hand.
(95 mm end to end )


Japanese Style Embroidery Frame
This frame is designed to hold fabric 'drum-taut'. The whole thing comes apart for easy transportation. It comprises:

~ 2 horizontal bars, 750mm long, with lacing holes every 2 inches
~ 2 weft (vertical) bars, 507mm long
~ 2 rollers, split along their lengths, 520mm long (to hold the fabric)
~ ratchets on each roller

When assembled, the distance between the horizontal bars is 382mm (15 inches) and the distance between the rollers, centre to centre, is 555mm (22 inches).

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Darning Mushroom
Made of hardwoods. The dome is 7 cm in diameter and the handle is 11 cm long. I can make any size to suit your work.

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Embroidery Thread Organiser
A hardwood plate, 20 cm x 6 cm x 4 mm thick. It has 16 holes around the circumference for holding thread. The holes are 1/2" in diameter. It is very smooth, with no sharp edges.

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Needle case
Various hard woods. The lid is a tight push fit.It will accommodate needles up to 80mm long. The new design incorporates two 'flats' to prevent the case rolling off the table.

Couronne stick
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Used in needlelace to form a buttonhole ring. Precisely turned from maple in 3 sizes:

small: diameters 3mm to 10.5 mm   in steps of 1.5mm; length 11 cm
medium: diameters 12mm to 19.5mm  in steps of 1.5mm; length 11cm
large: diameters 21mm to 30 mm in steps of 1.5 mm; length 12.5 cm

I can make larger sizes on request.

  Wet Felting Tools
Click here for a larger image These tools come in matching pairs; one has a concave face and the other tool is convex. Both tools have concentric grooves on the felting face. There is a choice of handle type - either like a door knob to hold in your palm or slimmer to grasp in your fist; see the larger picture. I can vary the dimensions to suit your own requirements.
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Felting Needle Holder
A turned wooden holder which will take up to 3 felting needles "in line" as requested by customers. Designed to fit comfortably into the palm of the hand. (Felting needles not supplied)