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Hand crafted from various hardwoods. Designed for maximum spin for a given weight and diameter. All spindles are made with special attention to concentricity of whorl and shaft to produce a well balanced spin. Every spindle is tested.

These Top Whorl spindles have a hand set steel hook and a hand-turned shaft.

Finished to a deep lustre or may be left plain if desired. Any type, size or weight can be made to your own specification. Standard weights are available from 10gm to 65gm.

I have developed a series of square top whorl spindles.Why square? The four corners have weight which is further from the axis and will produce a longer duration of spin. A square spindle with sides of a given dimension can have a spin value (moment of inertia) 30% greater than a circular whorl of the same diameter and weight. (I used applied mathematics to calculate the improvement)

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A low whorl kick-spindle. It features a ram's horn spiral hook which brings the yarn exactly in line with the spindle axis and produces a perfectly balanced spin. Weights from 10 gm to 65 gm available.

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Akha Spindle

Used for any short staple fibre and ideal for cotton.
The whorl is 64 mm diameter; carved hook at one end of shaft and slight taper at other end; shaft is 230mm long. Designed for duration and speed of spin. Weight 20gms.

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Navajo Spindle

Hand turned from Maple, with a perfectly straight shaft and mathematically designed whorl. A joy to use.
Two sizes:        long shaft - 75 cm (29") and shorter shaft - 47 cm (18")


Turkish Spindle

As with all Turkish spindles, this comes apart for easy transportation. It comprises a shaft and two interlocking arms. I have retired the old model with the semi-circular arms. The new model has flat straight arms like the lighter versions below. I have made it with far greater attention to balance than is normally found in this type of spindle. It has a beautiful carved spiral hook at the top of the shaft which brings the yarn to the exact centre of the shaft and so spins without a trace of wobble.. It is made of hardwood and weighs 30 gms.

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Lighter Turkish Spindle

This is a lighter weight Turkish spindle but still has the spiral carved hook. It has been designed mathematically to have optimum weight distribution. It has a 'spin value' much greater than my usual 20 gm top whorl spindle and so spins for ages. A delight to use.
Weight 20 gms
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Even Lighter Turkish Spindle

This spindle has been tested by very experienced spinners and the feedback is excellent.
It has superb balance and an amazing 'spin value' for a 12 gm spindle. It has been described as THE spindle for lace weight spinning: an utter joy to use.

Weight 12 gms.

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Tibetan Spindle

This is a SUPPORTED spindle for spinning "off the point" in a support bowl (see support spindle bowl below). The whorl has been designed to provide a good compromise between speed of spin and duration of spin.The shaft is turned and therefore straight and the whole is beautifully balanced. Total length 29 cm.

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Russian (Orenburg) Spindle and Support bowl

Another supported spindle for spinning "off the point". It has no separate whorl but instead has a bulb on the shaft just behind the point. Its weight distribution is much more centre weighted compared to the Tibetan and so will spin faster but not for as long. Tested by experienced 'point' spinners. Total length 28 cm.

This bowl is double sided. It can be used on a table or in your lap. Made from selected hardwoods. The base is 7 cm in diameter, height 4 cm. The internal diameter of both bowls is 4.5 cm. Please look at the larger picture to see the unusual shape.

The bowl and spindle can be purchased separately.

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Great Wheel

This spinning wheel is inspired by one made in the USA around 1860. It features a "Minor's" accelerating head - named after Amos Minor who came up with the idea in the early 1800s. The spinning wheel is made of Ash.

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or here for a video and pictures of Tine using her wheel

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*** NEW Flax Distaff and Stand ***

This is a free-standing cone-shaped distaff with adjustable height setting. At its lowest height, the top of the cone is 105 cm above the floor. At its highest setting it 155cm above the floor. Other heights between can be obtained by use of the sliding pegs which have stops every 10 cm.

The cone section is approximately 33 cm tall. The footprint is a circle of diameter 33 cm.

It is made of maple throughout and beautifully finished.
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Support Spindle Bowl

The bowl is 7cm in diameter and 2 cm deep. It is scooped out of the top of a beech wood cylinder 12 cm tall. The cylinder is attached to a base section, 30cm long x 7 cm wide x 1cm thick. The base section has chamfered edges and a rounded end, making it comfortable to sit on to keep the 'bowl' in position, either between your knees or to either side of you.

Example of a bobbin for a Majacraft wheel

Spinning Wheel Bobbins

I will match bobbins for any make or age of spinning wheel.

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Spinning Wheel threader

A turned hardwood handle, 5.5cm long, with an 8 cm length of stong, flexible wire with a hooked end.


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Lazy Kate

I can make a lazy kate to your own design in your choice of hardwood - maybe to match your spinning wheel. You may have any number of bobbins and they can run vertically or horizontally. Click on the small image for examples I have made.


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Swearie Box

This is a combined tool box and lazy kate: a traditional piece of equipment used by spinners in Orkney and Shetland. Bobbins can be threaded onto the rod below the handle leaving space below them for bits and bobs. These are made to order, in dimensions and wood to suit your bobbins.


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Niddy Noddy

Traditional designs, made from maple or beech. One cross-piece is fixed. The other is a good tight fit, but can be removed for storage.
Tiny niddy, makes a 19.5" (50cm) skein. Small size makes a 1 metre skein. Large size, makes a 72" skein.

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An ancient tool for yarn ball winding, Turned to a very smooth finish with a comfortable handle.          250mm long.

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A thin, smoothly finished hardwood oblong, 7 cm long by 4 cm wide, with concave/convex profile. It has three holes, diameters 1.6mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm.

Diz Threader

A 6 cm wooden handle with an 8 cm long loop of fine nylon line.

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Andean Plying Tool

This hardwood tool takes the place of your hand for holding the wound yarn when plying. Comfortable turned handle and a removable top peg. The new design more closely matches the dimensions of a hand.
Length 24cm (9.5")