Michael Williams - Skein Winder

This is a 4 paddle winder made of maple throughout. The standard paddle produces a skein 2 metres in circumference, but a smaller paddle may be ordered. The base unit is heavy and extremely stable. The paddle unit runs in slots lined with strips of Teflon, making for easy turning. I make these winders in two versions; one with a counting mechanism and one without.

The clock counter has two pointers. One shows every turn (i.e. 2 Metres of yarn) and the second pointer counts every 10 turns; up to 300 turns altogether. It then starts again from zero. The gearing mechanism has been designed by myself and is lovingly and precisely made from maple and brass with dark wood pointers. There is a clear perspex plate covering the gears to keep out fingers and yarn whilst allowing the beautiful mechanism to be seen.
The base unit is 45 cm (18") wide and 30 cm (12") deep. The height to the top of the paddle is 82 cm (32").
The winder is a joy to use and stunning to look at.

Click on the images below to see bigger pictures.

skein winder with counter   counter dials   counter mechanism with perspex cover