Tape Loom

Tape looms have been used for over 200 years with the specific purpose of weaving narrow bands., including belts, traps, garters, apron ties etc. During my research I found tape looms with various features and I have put some of them together in this little loom.




The heddle has 16 slots and two rows of holes, one row contains 15 holes and the other 17 holes. The heddle is kept firmly in place, while working, by two turned knobs which pass through the sides of the box and engage the heddle.

At the rear of the box is the spool or drum which holds the warp threads. The rear wall of the box has two holes through which you can pass a cord to anchor the loom while in use.

There is a handmade ratchet and pawl to lock the drum in position which has a very positive action. The box has a wooden base and acts as a tray to keep bits and bobs tidy.

And now the clever part: the heddle can be removed when not in use and becomes the lid of the box.


The loom measures 29 cm from front to back, 18 cm across and 32 cm high when the heddle is in the upright position.

The joints of the box are precisely made and are on display to enhance the beauty of the piece. The loom is made of maple, superbly finished, and looks fabulous. It is a future heirloom.